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Gastric cancer screening Upper Endoscopy

Gastric cancer Screening Upper Endoscopy

It’s incredible how life reminded me that I should have a preventive endoscopy. I’m going to tell you this story:

I always take my car for preventive maintenance because I have no idea about mechanics and I want to avoid damage or an accident.

So there I was in the workshop waiting to be attended to when a classic truck from the 60’s parked behind me. It looked like it had just left the factory. It looked very beautiful

The owner got out and greeted those of us who were there, aware that we were all open-mouthed when we saw his car.

–Hello, how are you?

I’m fine thanks, and you?

–Excellent,  here bringing my baby

I congratulate you, it is very well done. It’s like the years don’t pass by

The truck belonged to my dad…. I think he loved her more than my mother. I’ve had it since he died of stomach cancer. Driving it reminds me of the old man and what he sacrificed for us… I am 40 and I hope to continue taking care of it to leave it to my children. That’s why every 5,000 kilometers I bring it here so they can do maintenance and make it look beautiful.

– I think that at this rate SUSI –that’s the name of the truck– will last longer than me

Why’s that?

Because lately I’ve been feeling bad, my stomach is burning and I feel full all the time.

How curious because I am a Gastroenterologist. If I were you, I would have an endoscopy so that you know what you have or at least for prevention

That bad habit of doctors, they always want you to do tests What do you want me to prevent? Do you need money for the farm? …. No brother, I don’t have time for that… They also tell me that this is dangerous.

It is more dangerous if your body fails you because time can go 

I wanted to explain to him that prevention is like bringing the car to the mechanic before something breaks, that in Upper Endoscopy you will not feel pain because they are done with sedation and that there are things in life that are riskier than an endoscopy. But just at that moment they called me to meet me at the car so I said goodbye wishing the man good luck.

When I finished the procedure he was no longer anywhere and I left with a certain feeling of sadness at seeing that one is capable of taking more care of something material than the only thing that will always be with you: your body. I was so moved that I wrote in my diary that I should schedule my endoscopy

Screening Upper Endoscopy
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Message 👉   Don´t wait until you have symptoms to schedule your Gastric cancer Screening Upper Endoscopy. I’ll wait for you when you turn 40 or sooner if you have had family members with some type of cancer or premalignant lesions in the stomach (Like atrophy or intestinal metaplasia)

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Preparation for Upper Digestive Endoscopy 


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Alternative to Colonoscopy: Colon Capsule Endoscopy

Is there an alternative to colonoscopy?

Look, I’m going to tell you a story that may answer this question better. I was at the supermarket when I met an old friend and his mom. After greeting each other and briefly updating our lives he told me:

–How do you think, my mother was asked for a colonoscopy because she has had pain in her abdomen, diarrhea, and has sometimes even seen blood in her stools

I’m not going to do anything. Don’t be impertinent John, what is your friend the Doctor going to say?

Mom, why don’t you want to have a colonoscopy?

You’ve been with me for 43 years and you don’t know me. You know I’m afraid of needles, sedation and exams. You know I can’t even get on a boat because I’m afraid of it. Even so, you’re coming up with the story about the colonoscopy. I know you love me but don’t be so intense with me

– What has to happen for you to take the exam? Why are you so mulish?

– The day they look at my colon without touching a hair, I’ll let myself do it. What do you say doctor?

I have always felt uncomfortable in these types of situations so I was surprised to be brought into the conflict. But my gastroenterologist mind quickly launched into saying something

So…. if the problem is fear, Colonoscopy can be done with Capsule Endoscopy. It is a small pill-shaped camera that when swallowed begins to take a video of your colon and small intestine. It’s like riding a train through your digestive system. Nobody shows her a needle, they don’t have to sedate her and it is a Colonoscopy but without being the normal colonoscopy….

additionally…this test is a option for colorectal cancer screening

No, doctor, don’t tell me that, it bothers me to pick up that device from the bathroom.

– It is disposable and sends the images to a data recorder on a belt. They put your seatbelt on you and you go home. Then he comes back and delivers it.

John had that smile on his face that he was probably thinking: now you have no excuses, mom.

– But doctor told me. Is it effective like a colonoscopy?

For now, nothing replaces a colonoscopy because I can also take biopsies or remove any polyps I see. But when you can’t or don’t want to travel by plane, you have to travel by train.

You are here to help… no doctor? She told me with a look that we won’t bother her anymore and for a moment I had the feeling that she was going to pinch my arm. – One of these days I’ll do it…

I have not seen them again and I do not know how this story ended but what this story did leave me this message:

The world gives you options for what you want or need

If you need a colonoscopy but you don’t want to have it done or you think it is a risk for you, call us at  📲 3207571313 or write to us on WhatsApp. We help you with an alternative to colonoscopy

See how a Colon capsule endoscopy is done

Alternative to Colonoscopy: Colon capsule endoscopy
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Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy. Why should I do it?

Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy. Why should I do it?

You’ll be surprised how I learned why I should have a Screening Colonoscopy.

It was my 45th birthday and it would be 8 at night. There was a large, round and very pretty moon whose grooves looked like a smiling face, just as I was when I saw my family gathered and about to give me some gifts.

There I was opening my bags feeling like a child: Oh, pajamas, an AC DC t-shirt, a voucher from my favorite restaurant… wow, thank you very much  😃

My little son came up to me and asked me: Dad, who are your favorite soccer players of all time?

Son, they are Pelé, Maradona and Messi

The boy had an envelope in his hand and I thought maybe it was a voucher for a book but when I remembered the question I dreamed of receiving a ticket to watch a Messi game or maybe a shirt with the 10 on the back

I opened the small envelope and I was very surprised. There was a small white cardboard rectangle with blue and gold edges with a message that read like this:

Beloved dad

This document is valid for a Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy with sedation and without pain. If necessary, you have the right to have all Colon Polyps removed.

Lots of hugs from your children

PS: Changes are not accepted nor can it be negotiated for money

So… What is this?  

Dad I read that Pele was a three-time world champion, that he was very famous and it seems like he had a lot of money. I watched some videos on YouTube and he did amazing things. I know you love Diego and Messi but the fact is…..

My mind was dull and I didn’t understand what Pelé has to do with my birthday and a voucher for a colonoscopy… and apart from that what my son likes is basketball… Lebron Curry Embid

Well dad, I read that Pele died of colon cancer. It seems that the colonoscopy was not done on time I don’t know……But I don’t want anything to happen to you.

Eh? What? It was an act of immense love but the only thing I could think of to say was:

Why am I going to take this exam if I’m not feeling anything?

But that’s why dad, so that later you don’t have to feel

If you want, I can help you with the preparation, although it doesn’t look that difficult either. Also, when you get home from the exam, my grandmother and I are going to have breakfast ready for you… how about some scrambled eggs with bread and chocolate…

He made those eyes like those of Puss in Boots and what could he say… Thank you, my children, I love you very much.

Everyone looked surprised at what had just happened. I pulled my wife away a little and jokingly told her… Couldn’t it be some tickets to see Bon Jovi? A cruise through Patagonia?

She didn’t see it as funny and told me: My little grasshopper… Having a preventive colonoscopy is an act of mutual love with your family, it is like a new beginning, a cleansing for your soul. But you also just got engaged to your son so there’s no way

The moral of this story is that you should not wait for your child to ask for a Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy

That’s why I advise you to schedule your exam. Call us at  📲  3207571313 or write to us on WhatsApp

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Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy
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Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy in Medellín 

Upper Endoscopy Preparation

Upper Endoscopy Preparation.

Hello, I am Mauricio González, your gastroenterologist and the one who will perform the digestive endoscopy. I’m going to tell you what preparation for an endoscopy is like. The thing is very easy:

You need to Fast for 8 hours

That is, you should not eat anything solid 🍖 or drink any liquid 🥛 8 hours before the exam so that your stomach is empty and you can be examined well and there is no risk of the food going into the bronchi.

That’s why the exams are in the morning so you don’t get too hungry. If you have to take medication you can do it with a sip of water.

If your exam is late in the morning or you can’t stand it, you can have an aromatic drink, a coffee or a small glass of clear juice 4 hours before the exam.

Come accompanied by an adult

After sedation you will be fine and you will walk out but for up to 4 hours you may lose some reflexes and that is why your companion is key to your safety.

You will also need it to fill out the exam authorizations and you never know when you have to ask or tell them something during or after the procedure.

Because of what I told you before, do not come on a motorcycle or drive after sedation. Doing this exposes you to an accident and that is not the idea.

Inform if you have serious health problems

Inform us if you have any delicate health condition or have had problems with sedation in other exams so that we can give you the most appropriate recommendations or take appropriate care.

For example, if you are diabetic and use insulin, schedule your exam first thing in the morning and apply the medicine after the exam. All this so that your sugar doesn’t go down

You are not going to feel anything and here we are going to take care of you

It is normal to be scared, especially when it is the first time we have an endoscopy or if we have had bad experiences in the past.

But our idea is that you are asleep and without discomfort. You’ll see it’s not so terrible 👍.

So cheer up, we’ll almost see each other!

Upper Endoscopy prep
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In case you also have a Colonoscopy for that same day see how is prep for colonoscopy

If you have any questions about how is Upper Endoscopy preparation contact us by WhatsApp or call us at 📲 3207571313 or write by WhatsApp

I invite you to learn more about us at endoscopyycolonoscopy.com/en/

We will wait for you,

Mauricio González Hernández

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Abdominal bloating. What is wrong with me?

Abdominal bloating. What is wrong with me?

Jenny came to my office with a serious look although minutes before I had seen her laughing in the waiting room watching a video.

–Tell me how I can help you?

Doctor for about 3 years i have felt my abdomen with abdominal bloating and distention. Every day I wake up with my abdomen very inflated and full like a balloon 🏀. The pants squeeze me as if they had shrunk and you can’t imagine the discomfort I feel. There are times when I feel so bad that my breathing is shortened. It has altered my life because it doesn’t let me work in peace and with my husband things have never gone back to the way they were before. I visited several gastroenterologist but I feel the same. Just today one of my colleagues asked me if I was pregnant. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry 

What else do you feel?

I have the feeling that there are a lot of gases inside me but I can’t expel them. I go to the bathroom and try but nothing… they don’t come out

– And your fecal matter?

That’s the strange thing, I feel that they are normal, that I do it easily and I don’t have bleeding. They always ask me if I have bleeding but I don’t. It doesn’t hurt me

–And your diet?

My food is super healthy 🥒  🥕 don’t eat soda or fast food. I avoid eating dairy, gluten, red meets…….for a time I was vegetarian, I did the low fodmaps diet and now I am doing intermittent fasting. Everyone I know tries to help by telling me what I can eat and what I can’t, but the truth is now I feel like everything is bad for me… even water is bad for me.

– In these three years have you had any exams?

Surprisingly ……many. I had a colonoscopy that was normal, they only removed a small benign polyp but they told me that this is not causing my discomfort. I then had an upper endoscopy to look at Helicobacter or inflammation in my duodenum and was told everything was OK. One of my doctors asked me for an ultrasound to check that I had no fluid in my abdomen or problems with my ovaries, but again it was normal 😞

A gastroenterologist told me that maybe I wasn’t digesting sugars well and then i did a breath test for fructose malabsorption…..was normal. I didn’t take the lactose test because I can’t even see a spoonful of milk. They also tested me for celiac disease but imagine what doctor…. normal  😢 . Even the fecal calprotectin was normal 

–Obviously your doctors have done what is recommended in these cases. Have you taken medications?

Ugh, you can’t imagine. They have given me anti-spasmodic medications, antibiotics, probiotics and they even gave me some medicines for emotions but I did not tolerate them because they made me dizzy and very sleepy. Plus I don’t want to feel worse than I already am.

And what do you think is causing your abdominal bloating?

Something is wrong with me but I don´t know what it could be……I’ve thought about it many times but I know something isn’t right. I am super healthy and I have never been sick. I don’t drink liquor, I don’t smoke, I exercise, I don’t eat on the street, I do yoga every day… My husband tells me that it could be stress and although I admit that I am somewhat anxious and stressed, I don’t think that’s it.

– And what do you want to do Jenny?

I know I must have something doctor. I have read that SIBO causes all of this and I want to do whatever it takes to know that I have

– What happens if the test result is negative?

I’m going to keep looking because something is wrong with me. What do you advise me?

–It’s okay to take the breath test for SIBO but I don’t think doing the tests from A to Z is going to help you…

Today I am not going to tell you the outcome of this story but for me the most valuable thing are the messages that remain with me  👉

If you have had abdominal bloating for a long time don’t lose hope of feeling good

You always have to take some exams. However, don’t get frustrated if the test results are normal.  Test are one thing and what you feel is another thing.

When restrictions in your diet hardly helps or doesn’t matter to you, then it is unlikely that your food is causing the problem.

Your emotions are not seen in a test but they always accompany you and you must attend to them

Abdominal bloating
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If you need me to help you find the solution to your abdominal distension, write to us on WhatsApp or call us on our cell phone  📲3207571313


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Colon Capsule Endoscopy. How to do it?

Colon Capsule Endoscopy is a test that records a video of the interior of the colon, allowing prevention and diagnosis of diseases of this organ without having to perform a normal colonoscopy or administer sedation.

It is an effective, very low-risk exam that also allows you to see the esophagus, stomach and the entire small intestine (the entire digestive tube!).

If you need a colonoscopy for diagnosis but you don’t want to do it or you are afraid of the risks, Colon capsule endoscopy is an alternative

Also is a option for colorectal cancer screening

How the colon capsule endoscopy is done? 

Video Capsule Colonoscopy is a high-tech capsule or pill device that has two HD cameras on each side. It is PillCam brand and marketed by the multinational Medtronic.

Colon capsule

I am going to tell you the steps for a Colon Capsule Endoscopy procedure:

1.  Schedule your appointment. We will reserve the Pillcam which will be exclusive to you

2. The night before and the morning of the exam you will take the prep

3. At the agreed time you will come to our Colonoscopy Center

4. Catalina will put a wide belt over your clothes, in which a tape recorder data and very thin cables

Belt capsule colonoscopy

5. Open the PillCam COLON 2 capsule case. Doing so will activate and start recording.

6. You take the capsule with a glass of water. This is very small, it measures about 3 centimeters and you can easily pass it despite the impression it gives you.

Colon Capsule size

The capsule starts recording a video of the digestive tract and sends the data to the recorder. You will be in my center for a while until we give note that the capsule has passed from the stomach to the small intestine. We do this by looking at the small screen of the data recorder. This may take a few minutes but sometimes it takes a little longer

7. After it has reached the small intestine you will take a small dose of a laxative (Usually travad) to accelerate the passage of the device through the intestines and to improve the preparation. Once this is done we will tell you what you can eat and when to start.

You will go home or work and return when you feel that the capsule fell to the toilet or at a fixed time that we agreed.

While the capsule completes the exam you can continue with your normal life taking care that it does not come loose or let go of the belt or tape recorder. It will take care that these are not going to hit or lose.

The entire route of the capsule on average takes about 5 hours but there are patients who expel it in 2 or 3 hours

8. When you return we will remove everything. We download the information to a computer so that I can carefully review and make the report which is usually within 48 hours.

Advantages of Colon Capsule Endoscopy 

Minimally invasive: You are not going to see a needle or have a colonoscope inserted. 

Low risks: You will avoid the risks of sedation and colonoscopy. 

Reliable: Colonoscopy is the most recommended for prevention and diagnosis of colon diseases but when this cannot be done, the most advisable thing is to do a capsule colonoscopy because you can see directly inside this organ. 

More complete: In addition to the colon we will examine the small intestine which is an organ of about 8 meters that very few people have the possibility to be examined

You will have a diagnosis despite fear.


You have to take laxatives in prep. It is necessary for the Colon to be clean and the Pillcam to have the better  pictures.

It´s impossible to take biopsies or remove a polyp.

There are few risks but they exist. The capsule can get caught in an obstruction, not leave the stomach, go into the airway

Besides there are few cases in which the exam is incomplete

Still it´s an option to examine your colon

Schedule your appointment for Colon capsule endoscopy. Call us at  📲 3207571313 or write to us on WhatsApp

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Online Consultation with Gastroenterologist

Online Consultation with Gastroenterologist

I was recently in a radio interview talking about how you can prevent stomach and colon cancer. There was a moment when the announcer diverted the conversation and told me:

You know Doctor, I have a cousin who lives in Canada and has many colon problems. My family is very worried because she still doesn’t have an appointment with the specialist nor has she been scheduled for a colonoscopy. She has taken several medications but he hasn’t gotten better yet. She really needs your help. It’s a shame that you can’t see her in consultation.

Of course I can

–You tell me that you can see my cousin who lives in Canada?

I can see her or anyone via zoom video call. All you have to do is write or call us and schedule your appointment. You know, the online consultation is very useful because it clarifies many doubts, you can have the order of your tests for screening or those you need to make a diagnosis of your disease. It´s like a normal appointment 

–But the problem is in the exams. Can’t you make them virtual too?

I still haven’t figured out how. What I see in these cases is that some people travel to Medellín to take the exams while visiting their family or friends and others have a motivation to go sightseeing in Colombia. When you cannot travel, you will know which tests are appropriate for your case and you can manage them in your country.

Wherever you are, you deserve someone to help you so that you can have a diagnosis and find the solution to your digestive problems.

Online Consultation with Gastroenterologist
Photo by Pixabay

Thank you very much doctor for joining us today. I am sure my cousin and many others will find your online consultation useful

Write to us on WhatsApp or call us at  📲 3207571313 and schedule an online consultation with  gastroenterologist

Get to know my services at https://endoscopiaycolonoscopia.com/en/


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IBS has a cure ?

IBS has a cure doctor?

Hello Jessica, tell me how I can help you.

– For about 3 years almost every day I feel abdominal pain, I become distended and my stool is very variable. Sometimes I am constipated and other times I have diarrhea. There are days when I don’t go to the bathroom but there are others when I can go up to 10 times. I have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, IBS. What do you think doctor?

Yes Jessica, you have the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS. But keep telling me

I feel like everything I eat is bad for me. I do not consume milk or dairy products. As they advised me, I have avoided bread and gluten, grains, red meat, coffee, lettuce…well doctor, many things. Once with my nutritionist I did a low Fodmaps diet but it didn’t help me. I really miss my mom’s food. All of this makes me feel exhausted, frustrated because I don’t know what to do. I have lost weight and even my friends avoid me so as not to invite me to eat. Can you tell me why someone might have irritable bowel?

People with IBS have a hypersensitive digestive system that perceives and moves differently, their intestinal flora is altered, there is microscopic inflammation in the intestines, leaky Gut, an altered digestive nervous system or emotions that betray. Irritable bowel is like a snowball rolling down the hill. It is not how the avalanche began but what is adding up.

During this time, have you had tests, have you taken medications?

Many doctors have seen me. At first they told me that since I was very young and had no family history, I didn’t need tests. As I continued to consult, my gastroenterologist performed a colonoscopy on me. He told me that everything went well and that what was happening was because of stress…..

They give me antispasmodics for pain, they prescribed laxatives for constipation and antidiarrheals for diarrhea. I have been prescribed medications for anxiety and stress but they have made me feel sicker and that is why I stopped them.

Do you feel stressed or anxious?

–I feel stressed at work and I’m a little anxious but I don’t think that’s my problem. The truth is that it causes me more stress to feel sick.

At this moment, what is your concern?

–Until now all the doctors and nutritionists I have seen tell me that it is something that has no cure and that I have to endure it for the rest of my life. That’s why I came to find out if it really is an incurable disease or if there is something I can do. IBS has a cure? 

Despite what you have seen or heard, you don´t have to resign yourself to living sick forever. But be patient with yourself

The problem is not what you eat, it is how sensitive your digestive system is. Food has been another victim of this problem. That’s why I advise you to reconcile little by little with your food.

–So…. Can I eat everything?

There are no food that is prohibited. Just be curious and give each food a chance. If I asked you to make a list of what bothers you, I’m sure you’d bring me a notebook full and that’s why at this moment there are no good counselors.

–Is there anything else?

It may not be the cause of the problem. But you must do something with the stress and anxiety of everyday life or what you feel about being sick. Emotions always go with you but they are not seen in any exam. Do what you have to do

I am going to send you an order for other tests because you should always rule out other diseases that produce symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome.

The medications that I am going to send you are not the most important thing but they will help you feel better while you work on other things.

I’ll wait for you again so you can tell me your progress.

– IBS has a cure?

Why shouldn’t I have it?

IBS has a cure
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