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Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy. Why should I do it?

Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy. Why should I do it?

You’ll be surprised how I learned why I should have a Screening Colonoscopy.

It was my 45th birthday and it would be 8 at night. There was a large, round and very pretty moon whose grooves looked like a smiling face, just as I was when I saw my family gathered and about to give me some gifts.

There I was opening my bags feeling like a child: Oh, pajamas, an AC DC t-shirt, a voucher from my favorite restaurant… wow, thank you very much  😃

My little son came up to me and asked me: Dad, who are your favorite soccer players of all time?

Son, they are Pelé, Maradona and Messi

The boy had an envelope in his hand and I thought maybe it was a voucher for a book but when I remembered the question I dreamed of receiving a ticket to watch a Messi game or maybe a shirt with the 10 on the back

I opened the small envelope and I was very surprised. There was a small white cardboard rectangle with blue and gold edges with a message that read like this:

Beloved dad

This document is valid for a Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy with sedation and without pain. If necessary, you have the right to have all Colon Polyps removed.

Lots of hugs from your children

PS: Changes are not accepted nor can it be negotiated for money

So… What is this?  

Dad I read that Pele was a three-time world champion, that he was very famous and it seems like he had a lot of money. I watched some videos on YouTube and he did amazing things. I know you love Diego and Messi but the fact is…..

My mind was dull and I didn’t understand what Pelé has to do with my birthday and a voucher for a colonoscopy… and apart from that what my son likes is basketball… Lebron Curry Embid

Well dad, I read that Pele died of colon cancer. It seems that the colonoscopy was not done on time I don’t know……But I don’t want anything to happen to you.

Eh? What? It was an act of immense love but the only thing I could think of to say was:

Why am I going to take this exam if I’m not feeling anything?

But that’s why dad, so that later you don’t have to feel

If you want, I can help you with the preparation, although it doesn’t look that difficult either. Also, when you get home from the exam, my grandmother and I are going to have breakfast ready for you… how about some scrambled eggs with bread and chocolate…

He made those eyes like those of Puss in Boots and what could he say… Thank you, my children, I love you very much.

Everyone looked surprised at what had just happened. I pulled my wife away a little and jokingly told her… Couldn’t it be some tickets to see Bon Jovi? A cruise through Patagonia?

She didn’t see it as funny and told me: My little grasshopper… Having a preventive colonoscopy is an act of mutual love with your family, it is like a new beginning, a cleansing for your soul. But you also just got engaged to your son so there’s no way

The moral of this story is that you should not wait for your child to ask for a Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy

That’s why I advise you to schedule your exam. Call us at  📲  3207571313 or write to us on WhatsApp

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Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopy
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