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Alternative to Colonoscopy: Colon Capsule Endoscopy

Is there an alternative to colonoscopy?

Look, I’m going to tell you a story that may answer this question better. I was at the supermarket when I met an old friend and his mom. After greeting each other and briefly updating our lives he told me:

–How do you think, my mother was asked for a colonoscopy because she has had pain in her abdomen, diarrhea, and has sometimes even seen blood in her stools

I’m not going to do anything. Don’t be impertinent John, what is your friend the Doctor going to say?

Mom, why don’t you want to have a colonoscopy?

You’ve been with me for 43 years and you don’t know me. You know I’m afraid of needles, sedation and exams. You know I can’t even get on a boat because I’m afraid of it. Even so, you’re coming up with the story about the colonoscopy. I know you love me but don’t be so intense with me

– What has to happen for you to take the exam? Why are you so mulish?

– The day they look at my colon without touching a hair, I’ll let myself do it. What do you say doctor?

I have always felt uncomfortable in these types of situations so I was surprised to be brought into the conflict. But my gastroenterologist mind quickly launched into saying something

So…. if the problem is fear, Colonoscopy can be done with Capsule Endoscopy. It is a small pill-shaped camera that when swallowed begins to take a video of your colon and small intestine. It’s like riding a train through your digestive system. Nobody shows her a needle, they don’t have to sedate her and it is a Colonoscopy but without being the normal colonoscopy….

additionally…this test is a option for colorectal cancer screening

No, doctor, don’t tell me that, it bothers me to pick up that device from the bathroom.

– It is disposable and sends the images to a data recorder on a belt. They put your seatbelt on you and you go home. Then he comes back and delivers it.

John had that smile on his face that he was probably thinking: now you have no excuses, mom.

– But doctor told me. Is it effective like a colonoscopy?

For now, nothing replaces a colonoscopy because I can also take biopsies or remove any polyps I see. But when you can’t or don’t want to travel by plane, you have to travel by train.

You are here to help… no doctor? She told me with a look that we won’t bother her anymore and for a moment I had the feeling that she was going to pinch my arm. – One of these days I’ll do it…

I have not seen them again and I do not know how this story ended but what this story did leave me this message:

The world gives you options for what you want or need

If you need a colonoscopy but you don’t want to have it done or you think it is a risk for you, call us at  📲 3207571313 or write to us on WhatsApp. We help you with an alternative to colonoscopy

See how a Colon capsule endoscopy is done

Alternative to Colonoscopy: Colon capsule endoscopy
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