Endoscopy and colonoscopy center

Endoscopy and colonoscopy Center in Medellin

Your colonoscopy and endoscopy in Medellin.  You will not feel them and we will take care of you.

We solve your digestive problems by offering these services


Upper digestive

colonoscopia total medellin

Total colonoscopy

colonoscopia con cápsula

Colonoscopy with capsule
(colon video)

Examen de intestino delgado con Cápsula - Enteroscopia

Small bowel exam with a capsule (Enteroscopy)

prueba de aliento fructosa

Breath test for fructose intolerance

Breath test for lactose intolerance

consulta gastroenterólogo medellín

Medical consultation with Gastroenterologist

Rectosigmoidoscopia medellín


Balloon dilation for achalasia

Internal Hemorrhoid Ligation

Endoscopic Treatment of Colon Polyps

Online Consultation (Video Consultation)

Endoscopy and colonoscopy Center in Medellin

How will my services help you?


Things have happened in your family or you don’t want any surprises in your future. Don’t wait until you have symptoms to schedule your exam. I’ll wait for you at your total Colonoscopy at 45 or at 40 for the Endoscopy


They have told you about risks and you are worried that over time things have changed. I help you with your endoscopy if you have Barrett’s or intestinal metaplasia or with your Colonoscopy if you had polyps removed. So that the expert is the one who reviews you


You are sick and you don’t know what is wrong. I help you with the exams you need so that you have the diagnosis and treatment you deserve

Endoscopy and colonoscopy center in Medellín, experts in diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases.

Colonoscopy in Medellín | Endoscopy in Medellín | Gastroenterologist at Medellín

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