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Online Consultation with Gastroenterologist

Online Consultation with Gastroenterologist

I was recently in a radio interview talking about how you can prevent stomach and colon cancer. There was a moment when the announcer diverted the conversation and told me:

You know Doctor, I have a cousin who lives in Canada and has many colon problems. My family is very worried because she still doesn’t have an appointment with the specialist nor has she been scheduled for a colonoscopy. She has taken several medications but he hasn’t gotten better yet. She really needs your help. It’s a shame that you can’t see her in consultation.

Of course I can

–You tell me that you can see my cousin who lives in Canada?

I can see her or anyone via zoom video call. All you have to do is write or call us and schedule your appointment. You know, the online consultation is very useful because it clarifies many doubts, you can have the order of your tests for screening or those you need to make a diagnosis of your disease. It´s like a normal appointment 

–But the problem is in the exams. Can’t you make them virtual too?

I still haven’t figured out how. What I see in these cases is that some people travel to Medellín to take the exams while visiting their family or friends and others have a motivation to go sightseeing in Colombia. When you cannot travel, you will know which tests are appropriate for your case and you can manage them in your country.

Wherever you are, you deserve someone to help you so that you can have a diagnosis and find the solution to your digestive problems.

Online Consultation with Gastroenterologist
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Thank you very much doctor for joining us today. I am sure my cousin and many others will find your online consultation useful

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