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IBS has a cure ?

IBS has a cure doctor?

Hello Jessica, tell me how I can help you.

– For about 3 years almost every day I feel abdominal pain, I become distended and my stool is very variable. Sometimes I am constipated and other times I have diarrhea. There are days when I don’t go to the bathroom but there are others when I can go up to 10 times. I have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, IBS. What do you think doctor?

Yes Jessica, you have the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS. But keep telling me

I feel like everything I eat is bad for me. I do not consume milk or dairy products. As they advised me, I have avoided bread and gluten, grains, red meat, coffee, lettuce…well doctor, many things. Once with my nutritionist I did a low Fodmaps diet but it didn’t help me. I really miss my mom’s food. All of this makes me feel exhausted, frustrated because I don’t know what to do. I have lost weight and even my friends avoid me so as not to invite me to eat. Can you tell me why someone might have irritable bowel?

People with IBS have a hypersensitive digestive system that perceives and moves differently, their intestinal flora is altered, there is microscopic inflammation in the intestines, leaky Gut, an altered digestive nervous system or emotions that betray. Irritable bowel is like a snowball rolling down the hill. It is not how the avalanche began but what is adding up.

During this time, have you had tests, have you taken medications?

Many doctors have seen me. At first they told me that since I was very young and had no family history, I didn’t need tests. As I continued to consult, my gastroenterologist performed a colonoscopy on me. He told me that everything went well and that what was happening was because of stress…..

They give me antispasmodics for pain, they prescribed laxatives for constipation and antidiarrheals for diarrhea. I have been prescribed medications for anxiety and stress but they have made me feel sicker and that is why I stopped them.

Do you feel stressed or anxious?

–I feel stressed at work and I’m a little anxious but I don’t think that’s my problem. The truth is that it causes me more stress to feel sick.

At this moment, what is your concern?

–Until now all the doctors and nutritionists I have seen tell me that it is something that has no cure and that I have to endure it for the rest of my life. That’s why I came to find out if it really is an incurable disease or if there is something I can do. IBS has a cure? 

Despite what you have seen or heard, you don´t have to resign yourself to living sick forever. But be patient with yourself

The problem is not what you eat, it is how sensitive your digestive system is. Food has been another victim of this problem. That’s why I advise you to reconcile little by little with your food.

–So…. Can I eat everything?

There are no food that is prohibited. Just be curious and give each food a chance. If I asked you to make a list of what bothers you, I’m sure you’d bring me a notebook full and that’s why at this moment there are no good counselors.

–Is there anything else?

It may not be the cause of the problem. But you must do something with the stress and anxiety of everyday life or what you feel about being sick. Emotions always go with you but they are not seen in any exam. Do what you have to do

I am going to send you an order for other tests because you should always rule out other diseases that produce symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome.

The medications that I am going to send you are not the most important thing but they will help you feel better while you work on other things.

I’ll wait for you again so you can tell me your progress.

– IBS has a cure?

Why shouldn’t I have it?

IBS has a cure
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