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Video Capsule Colonoscopy: If you are afraid of colonoscopy

Colonoscopy with capsule endoscopy is an exam that records a video of the interior of the colon, allowing prevention and diagnosis of diseases of this organ without having to perform a normal colonoscopy or administer sedation.

It is an effective, very low-risk exam that also allows you to see the esophagus, stomach and the entire small intestine (the entire digestive tube!). Watch my YouTube video on Capsule Endoscopy Colonoscopy

I recommend it for people who want non-invasive prevention, for those who need a colonoscopy because of their discomfort but are afraid to do it, or for those who have already had a colonoscopy but it was incomplete for anatomical reasons, such as many diverticula or with very difficult anatomy.

How the capsule Colonoscopy is done

Video Capsule Colonoscopy is a high-tech capsule or pill device that has two HD cameras on each side. It is PillCam brand and marketed by the multinational Medtronic.

Colon capsule

I am going to tell you the steps for a capsule colonoscopy procedure:

1️⃣ We program the day and time of your exam. We separate the input which will be exclusive to you and we will explain what is the exam preparation   Schedule your appointment here

2️⃣The night before and the morning of the exam you will take laxatives so that the intestines are very clean and the best images can be taken.

3️⃣You come to our center and sign the consent of the exam

4️⃣My assistant Catalina or Marcela put a wide belt over your clothes, in which a tape recorder data and very thin cables

Belt capsule colonoscopy

5️⃣Open the PillCam COLON 2 capsule case. Doing so will activate and start recording.

6️⃣ You take the capsule with a glass of water.

This is very small, it measures about 3 centimeters and you can easily pass it despite the impression it gives you.

Colon Capsule size

The capsule starts recording a video of the digestive tract and sends the data to the recorder. You will walk about twenty minutes and then return. You will be in my company for a while until we give note that the capsule has passed from the stomach to the small intestine. We do this by looking at the small screen of the data recorder. This may take a few minutes but sometimes it takes a little longer

7️⃣ After it has reached the small intestine you will take a small dose of a laxative (Usually travad) to accelerate the passage of the device through the intestines and to improve the preparation. Once this is done we will tell you what you can eat and when to start.

You will go home or work and return when you feel that the capsule fell to the toilet or at a fixed time that we agreed. Sometimes you will have to take a second dose of oral travad. While the capsule completes the exam you can continue with your normal life taking care that it does not come loose or let go of the belt or tape recorder. It will take care that these are not going to hit or lose. The entire route of the capsule on average takes about 5 hours but there are patients who expel it in 2 or 3 hours

8️⃣ When you return we will remove everything. We download the information to a computer so that I can carefully review and make the report which is usually within 48 hours.

Advantages of Video Capsule Colonoscopy

✅Non Invasive: You are not going to see a needle or have a colonoscope inserted. In the colon by enema they have  you than introduce a contrast through the anus and without sedation. In the case of CT colonoscopy you have to apply contrast and you have to enter the tomograph or the resonator which can cause claustrophobia

✅ No risks: You will avoid the risks of sedation and colonoscopy. It is recommended in people who are delicate health or are many years old

✅ Reliable: Colonoscopy is the most recommended for prevention and diagnosis of colon diseases but when this cannot be done, the most advisable thing is to do a capsule colonoscopy because you can see directly inside this organ. It is more reliable than other tests such as the enema colon, the CT or MRI colonoscopy

✅ More complete: In addition to the colon we will examine the small intestine which is an organ of about 8 meters that very few people have the possibility to be examined and where there can also be diseases that are not they could detect by other diagnostic tests.

✅ You will have a diagnosis despite fear.


*You have to take laxatives. It is necessary for the intestines to be clean and the chambers to have the better  pictures. If you choose another diagnostic method you also need to prepare with laxatives and even apply enemas for the anus

* It´s impossible to take biopsies or remove a polyp. This is a disadvantage that the enema shares with the colon, the MRI or CT colonoscopy

* There is a small chance that passage through the intestines will take a long time and the colon inspection before the capsule battery runs out which is about 15 hours

What other indications have?

❇️ Your Colonoscopy was incomplete. It happens many times because of the anatomy of the colon that prevents the colonoscope from advancing. In these cases it is preferable to avoid complications

❇️ You had a colonoscopy complication in the past, such as a perforation. I think few have lived this experience they would be willing to repeat the colonoscopy

❇️ There are risks for sedation or examination

❇️Non-invasive prevention of colon and small intestine cancer

Schedule your appointment for capsule colonoscopy in this link. Here we will give you more information and we will tell you how is the preparation for the procedure. Continue to learn more about my services at  https://endoscopiaycolonoscopia.com


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