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Internal Hemorrhoids band Ligation

Band ligation is the best treatment for patients that bleed or have bothersome symptoms and do not improve with medical treatment

What are internal hemorrhoids?

The canal of the anus is a tube about three to four centimeters long. In it there are veins to the internal and external part and they are

called hemorrhoidal bearings. These are very important to form a seal in the anus and prevent stool from accidentally leaking out.

When these veins become inflamed or irritated, they increase in size and produce symptoms such as bleeding, excessive discharge

of mucus from the anus, a sensation of prolapse, and that is when they are called internal hemorrhoids. The main causes for them to

appear are being constipated, having diarrhea or incontinence of fecal matter

The diagnosis is made through flexible rectosigmoidoscopy or with a total colonoscopy. They graduate according to how much they

exit the anus canal. In grade I hemorrhoids do not leave the anus. In grade II they leave the anus but spontaneously hide again. In grade

III they remain outside but can be entered with the finger. In grade IV hemorrhoids are outside the anus and cannot be re-entered

How is the procedure performed?

Band ligation is endoscopic treatment for Grade I / II / III internal hemorrhoids with symptoms that have not improved with medical

management. In this way this problem is solved avoiding surgery

The procedure is performed with sedation and on an outpatient basis and consists of using a disposable device attached to the tip of

the endoscopy equipment to tie the hemorrhoids with plastic bands so that they dry and disappear. 

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