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What is a flexible rectosigmoidoscopy?

A flexible rectosigmoidoscopy is a procedure that examines the anus and the inside of the final part of the colon (rectum and sigmoid).

I recommend it if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, fissures, an infection in the anus, polyps or swellings in the rectum.

What happens before a rectosigmoidoscopy?

To perform this procedure, you need to apply two enemas or washes to cleanse so you can see everything properly.

How is a rectosigmoidoscopy performed?

You will not feel anything and we will take care of you

During the procedure I use a colonoscope (a specialized, flexible piece of equipment approximately 13 mm in diameter). First, I examine the anus and then introduce the colonoscope until it reaches the rectum and from there I move to the sigmoid colon, carefully examining everything.

What happens after a rectosigmoidoscopy?

When the procedure is finished, we will move you to the recovery room where you will stay until the effects of the sedative wear off. Then you leave with your report with your companion

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