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What is a flexible Rectosigmoidoscopy?

A flexible Rectosigmoidoscopy, is a procedure which the anus and the interior of the final part of the colon is examined (Rectum and sigmoid). it is recommended to diagnose disease like hemorrhoids, fissures, infection on the anus and polyps or swellings on the rectum.

What happen before a Rectosigmoidoscopy?

To get this procedure performed, is necessary that you apply enemas or washes, to clean the colon of fecal matter with the purpose of see correctly.

How a Rectosigmoidoscopy is performed?

During the procedure, the gastroenterologist use an equipment called colonoscope (A large and flexible equipment, about 13mm of diameter). First, examine the anus and then, the colonoscope is introduced until it arrives to rectum and from there goes to the sigmoid colon. During the procedure, it is examining all it parts carefully, and it is necessary is take a tissue sample (biopsy). Is a short and painless procedure, but, habitually, is administer sedative medication by intravenous to make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

What happens after a Rectosigmoidoscopy?

When the procedure ends, you will be moved to the recovery room. there, you will stay until the sedative effects ends. then you will be discharged with your companion.

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