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Small Bowel capsule endoscopy (Enteroscopy)

Small bowel Capsule Endoscopy examination is the best way to examine the small intestine. It is also called capsule enteroscopy.

What is the Capsule Endoscopy?

It is a high definition camera the size of a pill that when ingested by the person begins to take multiple photos, such as a video of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine. It is a non-invasive procedure without pain or discomfort, without sedation, without radiation, without tubes or hoses and very effective.

When to do the small bowel Capsule Endoscopy?

It is recommended to examine the small intestine in these cases:

1. Chronic diarrhea in which its cause has not been known. The goal is to rule out Crohn’s disease or tumors in the small intestine

2. Chronic abdominal pain with various normal exams

3. Crohn’s disease: It is very useful for its Diagnosis and to know if the treatment is being effective

4. Iron deficiency anemia of unknown origin: If you have already had endoscopy and colonoscopy and it is not known where you lose blood.

5. Small bowel bleeding: If you have bleeding and the endoscopy and / or Colonoscopy came out normal

What does the exam consist of?

After taking laxatives and fasting (so that the digestive tract is clean) the person ingests a disposable capsule which immediately begins to take photos and sends them to a data recorder that he will have on a belt. When the bowel has been examined, the recorder is removed and your gastroenterologist will view the images to make a diagnosis. The capsule is spontaneously ejected.

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