Colon capsule endoscopy
(Colon video)

Colon capsule endoscopy in Medellín. 

You need a Colonoscopy for screening but you are scared of the procedure or sedation.

I help you by doing Colonoscopy with capsule endoscopy so that you have a timely and appropriate diagnosis of your colon.

What is capsule endoscopy?

It is a high-definition camera the size of a pill that when you swallow it begins to record video of your small intestine and colon. It is a minimally invasive procedure, without pain or discomfort, without sedation and without radiation.

See here how a Colonoscopy with Capsule Endoscopy is performed

When to take the exam?

I recommend capsule colonoscopy in these cases:

If because of your symptoms you need a total colonoscopy but you are afraid of the procedure or the risks of the exam or sedation.

If you could not have the exam due to anatomical difficulties in your colon

You have diseases that make sedation or anesthesia risky.

You simply want to prevent or do a checkup that does not involve a normal colonoscopy

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