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Online Consultation

This service is necessary if you have discomfort and cannot attend the face-to-face appointment with your gastroenterologist

It is recommended to avoid going outside in these times of coronavirus or when you live far from Medellín or the metropolitan area. It is also an option when I have already seen you in consultation and you want to review your exams or follow up on your disease.

How is the video consultation done?

You contact us and schedule the day and time of the online consultation. You make the payment by transfer or deposit to an account or by Paypal if you live abroad

I will send you the invitation for the meeting through the Zoom platform to see us at the agreed time

We will talk about everything that happens to you, your background, your expectations, I will review the exams that have already been done, all as if we were in the face-to-face consultation. I will not examine you but in case you need it we can meet in person.

The objective is to help you find the solution to your digestive problems. The data you provide through the virtual consultation is protected, as if you were going to my office and your history will be in our private clinical history software.

The recommendations for exams or medications will be sent to you by WhatsApp or Mail. In case you require a review, we will do it by video consultation or in person, as you prefer

This video consultation service is an option in care that can be mixed with face-to-face care when you need it

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