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Colon Polypectomy

What are colon polyps?

Polyps are abnormal tissue inside the colon in the shape of a mole or wart. Most of them are risk factors for colon cancer and this is why it is necessary to remove them.

What symptoms do polyps give?

90% of polyps are smaller than 10 mm and do not cause symptoms. That is why it is so important to do a colonoscopy as prevention because it is the best way to find them.

Larger polyps may cause bleeding, mucus or stool changes, pain in the abdomen, or may even cause no symptoms. The larger the size, the greater the risk and it is a priority to remove them.

How to perform a colon polypectomy?

For prevention to be effective, the polyp must be removed completely because if any residual tissue remains, it can grow back.

Polyps of one or two millimeters can be removed with the biopsy forceps. Those that are between 3 and 10 mm and some of the larger diameters can be completely removed using a disposable device called a “polypectomy loop” which is like a noose that traps the abnormal tissue and pulls it out.

I reduce the risks of something bad happening to your colon by removing the polyps without applying electrical current, which we call cold resection.

There are polyps that, due to their shape or larger size, require other devices such as needles to inject at their base, metal clips, among others.

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