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Gastroenterologist's blog

Gastroenterologist’s blog is a space in which I give my perspective of some of the problems or diseases of the digestive system offering to those who read information based on current scientific knowledge in a clear and simple way as if we were talking

Who is the Gastroenterologist’s Blog for?

  1. It is aimed at those who went to see their treating doctor and did not resolve all their concerns. Many times it happens that when one goes to consultation you forget what you are going to ask or when you review the formula or the exam you realize you have doubts or concerns.
  2. Those who had an exam such as Endoscopy or Colonoscopy and were concerned about some terms or words in the reports. For example they saw that the biopsy says Metaplasia or atrophy or hyperplasia. If you are nervous, worry begins.
  3. For those who feel sick and do not know which way to go. They don’t know who to see or what to do while going to their treating doctor.

This information should not be seen as a query but as a complement to it since not all the things that are written there are applicable to all the people. As I wrote in one of my articles, one size does not fit everyone

If the information in the Gastroenterologist’s Blog has helped you, tell whoever needs it to visit my page. If I have not seen you in consultation and you want me to help you find the solution to your digestive problems, schedule your appointment.

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