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We close our facilities until April 18, but we continue advising you with your digestive problems from home.

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Mauricio González Your Gastroenterologist in Medellín has an online consultation channel to accompany you in this quarantine. So that even in times of crisis you can find the solution to your digestive problems.

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Prevents contagion

For a long time we will be in the shadow of this virus and we must bear in mind that we are all at risk of becoming infected and infecting other people even if we do not have symptoms. So it is our duty to take care of ourselves and others. I recommend these measures so that you have less risk of getting sick:
1. Wash your hands: You only need soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Do it after arriving from the street, when you use the bathroom, if you touch something that comes from outside and whenever you consider it necessary. This habit should become as natural as breathing. When it is not easy to wash your hands, use 70% alcohol gel

2 . Physical distancing: Things will not be the same for some time. We must forget about the greetings of hand or kiss and the hugs to other people that are not those of your house. You will also have to avoid meetings or crowds.

3. Stay at home: As long as our governments advise us, we must stay at home and go out to what is strictly necessary. When the restrictions are released we are free to leave but being cautious and careful. If you need an appointment with your gastroenterologist prefer online medical consultation

4 . Cleaning: Regardless of where we live or work, we must maintain proper cleaning and hygiene

5. Facing fear: We must do the best we can to take care of ourselves but we must continue our lives by tame the fear generated by this pandemic

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Endoscopy or colonoscopy and Coronavirus

Endoscopy or Colonoscopy and Coronavirus. They are very frequent concerns of today. I have never seen or faced such a great challenge …

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