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Breath test for fructose intolerance

The fructose intolerance breath test is a non-invasive test for the diagnosis of fructose malabsorption and intolerance.

What is fructose malabsorption or intolerance?

It is when your small intestine cannot properly digest fructose (a sugar found in many foods such as fruits). The symptoms you may have are distension or pain in the abdomen, flatulence, diarrhea or noises in the abdomen.

When to do the breath test?

I recommend this test if you have diarrhea, distension or pain in your abdomen and you still don’t know what’s wrong with you.

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, this test is a good idea to guide you in dietary recommendations.

What does the test consist of?

Normally there are very small amounts of hydrogen in your breath. When fructose is not digested properly in your small intestine, it passes undigested to the colon where the bacteria that exist there break it down, producing gases such as hydrogen, which is eliminated by the lungs through respiration and breath.

During the breath test you will take a small amount of fructose dissolved in water and you will be asked to blow into a device every 30 minutes for two hours. At the end of the test, the data is analyzed and the report with the diagnosis will be given to you.

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